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Ny Hjemmeside

Nu er bloggen afgåeet ved den grusomme web-død.

Jeg har fået en fast hjemmeside,



Helsingøre + Øjne

This weekend has been full of photographing. M/S Illutron was in Helsingør, and I Photographed the event. A good learning experience.



So, vacation is over in a couple of days, and I will be back to school. I'm not sure if that is a good or a bad thing though.
The picture below is one I took on my way to Kullen with my family a couple of days ago.
I'm trying to find a lot of new stuff and inspiration on the net at the time, my favourite being "Sabine" by jacob Aue Sobol. Really a great source of inspiration!
Back to the real life now, bye.



Anthony B

Well, last Wednesday I was in Copenhagen to see Anthony B in concert.
It was a nice concert at The Rock, blablabla. You know what I'll say.
So, here are some of the pictures:

More to come.


Productive, eh?!

Today is one of the good days. Yes, I feel productive.
Two posts in two days is a lot to me.
I think I might go somewhere later, to fool around with some landscapes. But who knows.
Here are some candids from this Friday, some of the same persons as in the last post.
More later.




I know, I've been a lazy photographer lately!
I haven't posted, and I haven't shot anything.
Now I have, though. I was at an artist meeting in Helsingør last Friday, where Mathias and I had a plan to do som time-lapse movies. We didn't get to do that due to some equipment problems.
Feeling a bit frustrated by the situation, I decided to shoot some portraits.
These are some of the artists, all very great, that I look forward to working more with.

Ps, I'm gonna buy the new MacBook Pro 15" and I'm so excited to try it out!


Oh my G.O.D.

It's almost a month since I wrote my last blog entry.
And th worst part is, that i have not taken any pictures since.
BUT, I got a holga for my birthday, and I am a happy user of it.
AND, i have now got a cellphone with camera, so now i always have a camera with me.
SO now i just gotta get going again. It's gonna be nice after holding a short break!



Grand Canyon - Revisited

Or maybe just re-edited? I don't know. I felt i was there again when i saw this picture.
You feel so small when you are standing on the cliff, looking down!
Tomorrow will be a student-graduate-party-thing for my sister. Grrreat! So I should not be up until 01.30 in the night.




Le beuf

I've been busy doing my homework for the past week. Not.
That's the reason why nothing has happened. Not.
Now I'm trying to get better at updating my blog. (Maybe not)

Okay, here are a couple of pictures of the band "Le Beuf"
Have a nice summer y'all!



David Peter and The Wilde Sect

Friday was: Work, concert with these great guys, David Peter and The Wilde Sect, and afterparty in the hood.
Tomorrow brings a test in History-class.......
So goodnight y'all.

more soon.


Quiet movement.

I found these pictures on my computer yesterday, I had not looked at them before.
Trying to remember the day, I had tried to get movement into the genre of "still life"
I think I succeeded in these two pictures, at least a little bit.
This evening will contain work and a maybe a concert, who knows?